Is a member of the District Leadership Team. He is currently acting Visitor for the District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta. His work mostly consists of visiting the communities in the District, meeting the Brothers, making sure they are okay and that the community is functioning satisfactorily. This is a very easy part of the job as the Brothers are always very welcoming, encouraging and usually open to new ideas and suggestions. Br Ben also visits the De La Salle schools in the District and is very impressed by the way in which the schools promote the Lasallian spirit. They are all very proud to be Lasallian.

International travel is also an important aspect of Leadership. He regularly travels to England and Malta for meetings with the Brothers and those involved in the Lasallian Mission.  2022 will be busy with a meeting of European Provincials in Romania in February and another of European Principals in Poland in April while the General Chapter of the Brothers will take place in May.

Br Ben’s community is at De La Salle College, Waterford, Ireland. This location is very important to him as it allows him to continue to do a very tiny amount of teaching which he has always loved and also he can continue working with the school choir and the annual school musical.

His work on the ASSEDIL Council has given him the opportunity to broaden his educational perspective and make many new friends across the RELEM region.

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