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RELEM (Lasallian Region of Europe and Mediterranean)
RELEM (Région Lasallienne d’Europe et de la Méditerranée)
RELEM (Región Lasaliana de Europa y Mediterráneo)

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death yesterday of Brother Pio Rocca, Auxiliary Visitor of Italy following a long illness.

Pio was a member of the ASSEDIL Council since 2016 as the Delegate of Italy and later as a representative of the Brother Visitors of RELEM. He also attended all the ASSEDIL Congresses during his mandate.

He was a great witness to his vocation and to life which reflected his great joy. We will greatly miss him. We send our prayers and condolences to his community and to all Lasallians in Italy

Rest in peace

Frère Pio ROCCA nous a quittés

C’est avec un sentiment de grande tristesse que l’ASSEDIL a appris le décès du frère Pio ROCCA, membre actif de notre conseil d’administration durant plusieurs années. La famille lasallienne vient de perdre l’un de ses fidèles serviteurs.

Frère Pio a dirigé plusieurs établissements lasalliens en Italie et était Visiteur Auxiliaire depuis l’an dernier.

Homme d’une grande culture, frère Pio a éduqué des générations des jeunes.

Maintenant arrivé sur l’autre rive , il nous sourit avec son air malicieux et son regard empli d’empathie et d’humanité.

Que le Seigneur accorde à Frère Pio le repos et la récompense promise à ceux qui l’ont servi dans la fidélité.

Repose en paix très Cher Frère Pio.

Os comunicamos con una gran tristeza el fallecimiento de ayer del Hermano Pio Roca, Visitador del Distrito de Italia, después de luchar un tiempo con su enfermedad.

Pio había formado parte del Consejo de ASSEDIL desde el año 2016 como Delegado de Italia y más adelante como representante de los Hermanos Visitadores de la RELEM. También había asistido a los Congresos de ASSEDIL organizados durante su mandato. 

Un hermano testimonio de su vocación y ejemplo de vida que siempre transmitía su gran alegría. Lo echaremos mucho en falta.

Nos unimos en la oración y en nuestro pésame con su Comunidad así como con los Lasalianos de Italia.

Descanse en paz

We were delighted to welcome over 150 Lasallian participants to the RELEM-ASSEDIL Gathering which was held by Zoom on the mornings of March 25th and 26th. This Gathering replaced the proposed ASSEDIL Congress which was scheduled for Gdańsk, in Poland, in April, but which has had to be postponed because of the pandemic. 

 On the first morning, there we video presentations from different Districts illustrating how the Lasallian mission has continued to function effectively despite the restrictions of Covid 19. These presentations were: “La Salle Beirut” and the Solidarity Campaign following the explosion in Beirut in August 2020; “Pandemic: Crisis or Opportunity” from Scampia, illustrating the Lasallian response in a very poor neighbourhood in Naples, Italy; the experience of “Mobile Classrooms” in France which is an out-reach programme to un-schooled children; these presentations were followed by brief interviews from students and teachers from Belgium South and ARLEP speaking about their pandemic experiences. All of the presentations were very inspiring with the Beirut video being particularly moving.

In the group work  that followed in the Zoom breakout rooms,  participants were asked to share their own experiences through the pandemic and contextualise these presentations in the light of their own Lasallian experience.  

On the second morning, students from different Districts in the Region were invited to share their experiences and hopes for post-Covid 19 and this was followed by a presentation by a Belgium psychologist, Mr Bruno Humbeeck on the impact of the pandemic on young people.

The grand finale of the ASSEDIL Gathering was a virtual concert through an excellent and and inspiring video, produced by a student from De La Salle Waterford, Cian Cunningham, in which students and teachers from different countries in RELEM offered song and dance presentations based around the theme:

“We are part of the Miracle. We are all children of God battling two universal threats: the Covid Pandemic and Environmental Destruction. As Lasallians we wish to celebrate how we work together, support and encourage one another, in these great challenges.”