11 th Formation Course for Directors of Relem

Tuesday, 10-10-2023

Community prayer – Arlep

We have started the day with morning prayer, led by the directors of the Arlep District.

Lasallian Identity: Faith, Service and Community

Br. Paco CHIVA

Work in groups - Sharing of work by groups

Brother Paco Chiva asks us a question: “If Saint-Jean Baptiste de Lasalle ever walked into our room, what would surprise him? Reflection on Lasallian identity today. 

In the second part, we have reflected on intentional communities and the sustainability of our educational works with Brother Paco Chiva on a datein 2051. 

Updated Lasallian Pedagogy: New Learning Context: Arlep

Mme. Izaskun Ortega et M. David Urtasun

Presentation, welcome and contextualization.

An invitation to reflect on the following question: Where do we Lasallians look? Ms Izaskun Ortega and Mr David Urtasun present the new learning contexts for pupils from Arlep’s District.  

 Workshop: Dynamics with a rope and game in pairs –  Explanation of the NCA. Scope and pedagogical principles.

The game of rope and knots requires skill and cooperation from everyone, with results that are sometimes a little fanciful before a short session of self-massage unties our own physical knots. 

« Updated Lasallian Pedagogy: New Learning Context » 
Arlep – How the NCA materializes in the classroom
Coconut song “The beat of my heart” and self-massage to loosen knots
Workshop: bracelets. Making and closing.

We finished with a bracelet-making workshop, which the participants gave to each other.

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