11 th Formation Course for Directors of Relem – the last day

Friday, 12-10-2023

Community prayer – FRANCE

Presentation about the 2nd RELEM ASSEMBLY February - March 2024

Mr. Tomeu Martorell

Young Lassalians for RELEM Region

Mr. Mourad Barsoum

Mr. Mourad Barsoum, president of the Office of Vocations and Volunteers, made a presentation on the different experiences of volunteering and asked for collaboration from the districts and delegation. 

Personal evaluation of the programme shared orally with the group

The directors express their opinion in writing and orally, expressing their gratitude for what they have experienced during this formation week: coexistence among all, services, organisers, … 

Group photo

Conclusions words and final

Mrs. Marta Martínez Casanovas

Ms. Marta Martínez, makes an audiovisual summary of what has been the training week for directors of Assedil in this 11th edition. After a period of personal evaluation, Marta Casanovas brings the 11th training session to a close with a convivial kahoot to sum up the week. 


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