ASSEDIL Council Meeting 2022-03-19

The escalation of the conflict in the Ukraine and its unpredictable nature, clearly impacts on the organisation of the Congress that we’ve planned from April 20th to 23rd in Gdańsk. A significant number of participants have expressed their deep concerns about the situation and about holding of the Congress.

Accordingly, on Saturday March 19th , the ASSEDIL Council met to discuss this situation. After lengthy discussions on holding the Congress in current circumstances, the Council reluctantly decided to cancel the Congress. Obviously, the ASSEDIL Council greatly regrets this difficult decision and hopes for your understanding.

Unfortunately, the time is too short to prepare a proper alternative for the Congress online. Instead, the Council intends to hold an online moment of solidarity, prayer and support for victims, aid workers and volunteers on Wednesday, April 20th at 4 pm (Rome time).

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