André Dubuisson

André Dubuisson was born in Namur in 1968. After a primary and secondary school curriculum in his village, he graduated in June 1992 as a teacher from the High School of the Immaculate Conception Sisters of Champion .

In October 1992, he returned to the school where he grew up, the Abbé Noël school. He became the primary school headteacher in September 2001.

In December 2008, he applied for the Saint-Guibert primary school College in Gembloux and since March 2009, he has been its headteacher.

On that date, he joined the great Lasallian family.

In October 2015, he took part in the training for school heads in Rome. This enabled him to deepen the values ​​conveyed in the Lasallian educational project but also and above all to discover the importance of the strength of the Lasalle network. Since January 2018, he has been a member of the ASSEDIL board of directors as representative of the South Belgium district.

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