The Administration Council

We are a small team of talented Lasallians with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to the next ASSEDIL event.

Extract from the statutes of ASSEDIL
“The Association shall be administered by a Board of Directors composed of at least six members, two of whom shall be ex officio, and of at most twelve, appointed by the General Assembly.
The Board meets at least once a year.”

“L’Association est administrée par un Conseil d’Administration composé de six membres au moins, dont deux membres de droit, et de douze au plus, désignés par l’Assemblée Générale.
Le Conseil d’Administration se réunit au moins une fois par an.”

Marta Martinez Casanovas

President of ASSEDIL


Brother Aidan Kilty

General Councillor with special responsibility for our Region of Europe and the Mediterranean (RELEM)


Dr. Aideen Cassidy

Member of ASSEDIL Council nominated from Great Britain, Ireland and Malta District


Robert Müllner

Member of ASSEDIL Council nominated from Central Europe

Webmaster of the ASSEDIL Website